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Who's A&E None other than a world leader in the production of sewing and embroidery threads and technical textiles. For 120 years we've been supplying customers with the absolute finest in products and services from the Americas to Asia and to Europe. (More)

Every minute, thousands of garments the world over suffer an untimely end because of a small, insidious flaw. Cheap thread.


At A&E, we are committed to ending this tragic waste by offering manufacturers the finest assortment of long-lived threads for any and every application. Around the world.


If you think threads are all pretty much the same, read on. Not for our sake, for the clothes! (And for your brand.)

A&E lives by a century-old commitment to our customers, creating exceptional products by embracing contemporary quality principles and practices. The result is an environment that stimulates individual empowerment and initiative. All of which enables us to be a consistent innovator and a creator of consistently high quality products delivered to customers on time throughout the world.

That's quite a mouthful. And promise. But it's all part of our mission and vision. We invite you to learn more about A&E. The tenets that bind us say a lot about the products we make that help bind the world's garments.

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And sleeves and hems
and seams too.

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to save the
world's apparel from
early demise.

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